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To comply with the requests of different target groups that use COSA, our training concept is structured in a modular way. Of course, the single modules can be combined individually.

Process consultants and process managers use COSA for business-related modeling, i. e. for analysis, description and documentation of business processes. The required knowledge is part of our training "COSA Process Designer 1".

The second training, "COSA Process Designer 2", addresses technical modelers. This training course aims at implementing business-related modeling steps into a technical context in order to represent all aspects of real-life processes in the COSA process models. The COSA Process Designer's development kit provides so-called Task and Tool Agent repositories. These repositories contain modules that enable technical modelers to determine which applications must be executed, the order in which they are executed and the data that is required for process handling.

The training module "COSA API programming" conveys basic knowledge on integrating third-party applications or developing customer-specific user interfaces. The COSA API is available in different technologies. This training course requires knowledge of Java and web services.

The "COSA Administration" training provides information on running and administering COSA.

Furthermore, we also offer individual training courses for COSA end users.

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