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Active Claims Management

BPM Schadenmanagement

Some years ago, the German insurance company HDI re-engineered its business process handling concepts. The main goal of the active claims management was an improved customer service by reducing processing times and increasing process transparency. All employees should be able to react directly to customer requests.

However, this concept could not be realized by a paper-based process handling. Therefore, technological support by an electronic archive was indispensable. The solution based on COSA DM and COSA BPM is still unique in the German insurance sector.

Today, the automotive claims management is processed electronically in all subsidiaries. Incoming paper documents are converted into electronic form and distributed to the different teams by the Workflow system. Substitution concepts, workload distribution, priorities and specific task assignment is respected automatically. The solution is fully integrated into the specific HDI application.

The automotive area alone processes some 400,000 claims per year by means of COSA.

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