BPM Suite

BPM Suite

Business Process Management solutions must lead to significant cost reductions as well as to an increase in efficiency and productivity – in other words, to an improved ROI. Major challenges are the identification of core processes as well as the implementation of appropriate control functions for these processes.

COSA provides a complete BPM Suite with all functions required to obtain this goal. Especially in the area of process control, the COSA BPM Suite offers numerous features. COSA BPM does not only support processes with human to human (H2H) or human to system communication but also completely automated processes (S2S) without user interaction. However, apart from process automation, there must also be possibilities to control and adapt processes.

Furthermore, we pursue the aim to increase our customers' ROI and reduce implementation risks.

By focusing on J2EE, our customers can decide which platform and environment they want to use. COSA is adapted to this infrastructure - not vice versa.

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