COSA Engine


A powerful Business Process and Document Management System needs an efficient control unit that administers all relevant processes.

Being the core component of the COSA BPM Suite, the COSA Engine controls the execution of all business processes. These processes are based on process models that were previously modeled in the Process Designer. The integrated rules engine monitors access rights, the distribution of work and deadlines and starts escalations.

All operations (e. g. starting or delegating tasks, resubmission of business processes) and events (e. g. starting new business processes) are journalized and made available for evaluations. In addition to process control information, the COSA Engine administers all process-relevant context data, especially all required documents. The COSA Engine provides the complete functionality of a fully featured DMS, e. g. by a configurable administration of object hierarchies, an elaborate access rights concept or an extensive version management.

The COSA Engine is fully scaleable and enables multi-company support. This means that an arbitrary number of companies can access separate data sets on one COSA Server.

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