COSA Process Designer

BPM Process Designer

The first and at the same time one of the most important steps for a successful BPM implementation is creating professional protocols and representations of business processes.

The COSA Process Designer provides all functionalities for creating structured business process documentation. Due to the graphical user interface, also users without profound technical knowledge are able to model business processes, responsibilities, roles and competencies.

For this purpose, different approaches regarding visualization and structuring are especially important. By means of the top-down representation, modelers can create process maps that represent all relevant processes. The single processes can be modeled in different ways, e. g. in the standardized BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) of the OMG. The so-called swimlane representation shows the responsibilities of different roles within a business process.

In addition, modelers can flexibly generate documentation in different formats. Currently, the formats RTF, PDF and HTML are supported.

In addition to the business-related modeling phase, technical details can be implemented into business processes.

The modeled data is stored in the standardized XPDL format. Thus, modeling data can be exchanged with other XPDL-based tools.

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