COSA Approve

With COSA Approve, COSA BV offers a modern document lifecycle management solution. Based on the COSA BPM-Engine and the COSA Document Management System, COSA Approve assists companies in fulfilling central tasks in the field of creating, versioning, releasing and publishing documents. The different phases of these tasks are defined in practicable process models. This ensures the compliance with quality requirements and at the same time offers maximum freedom for the users in their work.

Creation of documents
In the process of document creation, first all requirements, deadlines and responsibilities are recorded. Once the author has transmitted the created document, the responsible user is informed and can check whether it fulfils all requirements. When accepting the document, the creation process is concluded.

Versioning and release
All documents are administered in the compliant COSA document management system. In addition to revisions automatically accomplished following document changes, COSA Approve offers the possibility of creating different versions of a document. This ensures the well-arranged administration of different cases treatments. Once a version is finalised, it is presented automatically for sign off in order to secure a quality controlled publication.

COSA Approve supports and documents the publication of documents. It is possible in COSA Approve to send documents as email as well as shipments to be posted mail can be documented. In case other publication possibilities are requested, they can be installed without any problem depending on the actual system environment.

Administration of user privileges
A further characteristic of COSA Approve is the rule-based administration of user privileges. Only authorised persons get the right to read or change documents. All rights for a document can be adapted accordingly to be able to react flexible on a situation.

COSA Approve helps companies to save time and money by means of process control. The solution can be customized according to company requests.